A Brief History of Cesky Krumlov

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Understanding the historical background to a destination is important and will help you to appreciate your surroundings. Here is A Brief History Of Cesky Krumlov.

It is believed by some that the first lords or recorded inhabitants of Krumlov Castle, were the Witigonen family back in 995. Legend states the Witigonen family were gifted the castle by their close relatives, the Premyslovci, which were a well known family dynasty throughout Bohemia, Poland and Hungary at the time. Although, there is much speculation and conjecture regarding these events.

Around the same time, a town began to blossom around the foot of the castle. This was largely due to its close proximity to the Vltava River and consequently, main trade routes. Being located on popular trading routes, meant that larger numbers of other ethnic groups began to settle in the area, including mostly Germans and Austrians.

Several centuries later, and in the year 1302, the Rosenberg family took control of the castle and its immediate surroundings. The Rosenbergs were a famous family that controlled the vast majority of Bohemia, including Prague from the 13th century until the start of the 17th century. It was during this period, that the town of Cesky Krumlov really started to develop and prosper.

By the start of the 17th century, nearby gold mining had started to flourish, which meant a larger influx of Germans and Austrians. On the back of the increase of the German population, Emperor Rudolf the second, part of the Habsburg dynasty, purchased the town of Cesky Krumlov in 1602 and gifted it to his son, Julius.

The year 1622, saw the town again change hands and be given to the House of Eggenberg, who ruled until 1719. Then finally from 1719 until the conclusion of World War Two in 1945, the main castle and town was controlled by the Schwarzenberg family. During this reign, the town was mainly inhabited by German people and therefore was under the rule of the German nation. However, the fall of the Nazi Party in 1945, ensured the town once again became part of the Czech Republic.

During the Cold War years, most of Cesky Krumlov fell into disrepair. However, since the fall of the Soviet regime, the town has been beautifully restored and as a result now thrives on the back of tourism.

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