About Us

About Journey Seals

Our main website, Journey Seals, was started as a project to make it easier for people to share their travels.  We’re still developing it, an plan for it to be a place where you can easily document your journeys and share them with family and friends back home.

About Journey Seals Blog

Journey Seals Blog is an offshoot of Journey Seals.  On our blog, we write about the things we enjoy when we travel, as well as try and give some general tips and advice about travelling.

The future for Journey Seals

Our main goal of the site is to help people out, and to create a community of like-minded travellers. If you want to be a part of it and help us out, sign up and follow us on social media.

The Journey Seals Team

At Journey Seals, we’re a team of four.  Meet us below…


Nelson currently resides in Mackay, North Queensland working as a physiotherapist. It was his job as a physiotherapist that allowed him and his now wife Kristie, to move to London in 2013. While living in London, Nelson explored a lot of the UK and Europe, which managed to broaden his view of the world and help develop an obsession with travelling. It was also in London that Nelson met his fellow Journey Seals, Matt C and Matt P. Since then, Nelson has also travelled to many parts of Asia and also the USA.

Nelson also enjoys playing and watching a lot of sport, as well as listening to music. In fact, he can be often found at many North Queensland pubs spreading his travel, sport and music knowledge at trivia nights.


Matt is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He works part time as a physiotherapist, and is also studying a degree in history. At 25 he took off to London with Matt P, and since then has travelled through much of Europe and South America, as well as having spent time in New Zealand, the United States, and parts of Southeast Asia. So far, he has visited 42 of the world’s 196 countries.

Matt also enjoys running and anything to do with sports. He plans to spend his time in the coming years travelling the world and writing for Journey Seals, returning to Melbourne only in the case of a Richmond grand final appearance in the Australian Football League.


The idea of travelling has been engrained in Mark since an early age, with his parents meeting overseas. His mum from South Africa and his dad from the less desirable location of Smithton, the pair soon shared their love of travel with Mark and his younger brother. London, Singapore, Fiji and South Africa were ticked off the list at a young age, and soon Mark ventured off around the world as an independent and functioning adult. A two month stint around Europe and several trips to New Zealand are only the tip of his travelling iceberg.

Mark has completed a Bachelor of Journalism and worked with the Fairfax Media Group as a reporter for more than two years. It was then back to university for a Master of Marketing, which included a six month internship with travel and outdoor retailer Kathmandu. Mark now works in marketing at a leading Australian aquaculture company. He enjoys music, writing about music, listening to music, and of course, making sure the world knows about Journey Seals.


Matt works as a web developer in Melbourne, Australia. He caught the travel bug relatively late, at 25, when he and Matt C set off to Europe with vague plans to see as much as possible while living in London for a couple of years. After many flights, trains, hostels, group tours and even a luxury cruise, Matt can finally say he has seen about 2% of Europe.

Building a business online has always been a passion for Matt, and he jumped at the chance when he found out that Matt C and Neslon wanted to create a travel website. He now spends all waking hours on the site and is ignoring the mounting health issues associated with such focused obsession. Apart from that Matt enjoys soccer and Rocket League (a computer game for you n00bs).