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A guide to travelling the Czech Republic.….

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A Little About the Czech Republic

The country of the Czech Republic is located in central Europe. It is mostly bordered by Germany to the west and Poland to the East, with Austria and Slovakia making up the south. The country itself is quite small and is really well connected to its neighbours, so travelling around or on from the Czech Republic is a breeze.

Most people will know the country by its capital city, Prague. Prague was once a city a little “off the beaten track”, however tourism there in the last decade has absolutely exploded. The city is now considered a “must do” on many people’s first visit to Europe. While Prague is actually a really pretty city with plenty to do, just be warned that hoards of tourists all over the city is now quite common.

However, like every country there is much more to the place than just the capital city. The Czech Republic has loads of beautiful countryside to be explored as well as other smaller towns like Cesky Krumlov. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong checking these places out.

Travelling around the country is cheap and easy, and so is food and drink. In fact, in most cities, you will find beer is actually cheaper than water. The history of the country is also fascinating, which has lead to many changes in the region over the past century.

So we recommend spending about a week in the Czech Republic. It is probably best to start with Prague and then explore more of the regional parts from there. Read more below for some more detailed info…..

– Population: Around 10.5 million
– Capital city: Prague
– Official Language: Czech
– Currency: Koruna

Places To Go


The capital city loaded with history, tourists, beer and a medieval vibe.

Cesky Krumlov

A quiet beautiful small town in central Czech Republic, with plenty of things to do at a slower pace.

Travel Tips And Things To Know

Best time to visit: Anytime between May and October should mean pretty reliable weather and comfortable temperatures in the Czech Republic. Although, visiting places like Prague and Cesky Krumlov in July and August may be an issue due to large tourist numbers. We personally like either May or October, purely due to the change in seasons. The countryside is really pretty, so Autumn and Spring are ideal.

Getting around: The entire country is well connected via good bus and train networks. Both options are cheap and reliable. In fact, we once caught a student bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague, that included free coffee, personal movie screen and wifi for 7 euros! Websites such as Rail Europe, Flixbus and Go Euro will help you with your bookings.

Expenses: The Czech Republic is definitely on the cheaper side when it comes to European countries. So it’s always nice to know you won’t need to sell any vital organs here to afford a good time. A beer can cost around 23 Koruna or €1, a cheap meal around 125 Koruna or €5 and a bed in a hostel dorm about 300 Koruna or €12.

Onward Travels:
Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia are all realistic options for onwards travel, by either bus or train. However, German cities such as Munich and Berlin are probably the closest and best connected cities for you to explore without spending a fortune.