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A complete travel guide on Slovakia!

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A Little About Slovakia

– Population: Around 5.43 million
– Capital city: Bratislava
– Official Language: Slovak
– Currency: Euro

Slovakia is a small landlocked country situated in Central Europe.
The country is bordered by other nations such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. Slovakia is part of the European Union (EU), which makes it much easier for people to enter when travelling from other EU nations.

Tatry Mountains, Slovakia

It’s a fun place to visit for any traveller, and is really easy to get to from nearby cities such as Budapest and Vienna. Overall, food and drink is quite cheap, so it’s easy to have a good time and save some money. Most people tend to only visit the capital city called Bratislava, which is all we have done, but from what we hear, the country is a getting a very good reputation for hiking and other outdoor activities. So it sounds like there is much more to see than just its capital.

Places To Go


Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia, and is well known for its castle and old town centre. It’s a great place to spend a few days and walk around the streets. It’s a really underrated capital in Europe and is well worth a visit! See below for some great info on Bratislava.

Travel Tips And Things To Know

Best time to visit: For fine and reliable weather, May to October is the best time to visit. However, expect a shit ton of tourists in peak season around July/August. If you hate people like we do at times, then maybe go during Winter time around December and January. The weather is cold and pretty terrible, but a good time for skiing.

Jasna, Slovakia

Getting around: Taking the train seems to be the best way to explore the country, and also for any onwards international travel. Check out Rail Europe for the latest train fares. Another option is taking the bus, which also connect to nearby countries such as Austria. Try websites such as Flixbus or Go Euro for the most up to date fares.

Train in Slovakia

Expenses: Slovakia tends to be on the cheaper side compared to most other European countries. A dorm bed in a hostel may cost around €10-15, a beer €1.50 and a basic meal €10. If you are a loose unit, then a city like Bratislava might be good for some big nights out.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Onward Travels: Slovakia is really well connected to its nearby EU member nations, therefore the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland are all options. However, by far the easiest, closest and cheapest options are to travel to either Vienna or Budapest by train, bus or even boat.

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