Europe’s 7 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions, And Why They Suck

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Europe truly is an amazing place with many awesome tourist attractions, which should be enjoyed by all travellers. However, there are also some pretty damn awful tourist attractions too. Continue reading for bulk disappointment….

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

How people can celebrate a tower that can’t even stand up straight is beyond me. I mean the guy in the photo is clearly having the time of his life, so surely it’s worth the visit, maybe I’m wrong? The correct answer of course is, NO, I am not wrong.

If you go to Pisa expecting a beautiful renaissance style structure where you can sit down with loved ones and admire the architecture in peace, then you will be severely disappointed. In reality, you arrive by a massive bus packed full of tourists equipped with camera lenses the size of the Hubble Telescope. You then get off amongst heaps of other touriss where you will be swamped by African men wanting to sell you rip off Gucci bags and Ray Ban sunglasses.

Once you have fought through this crowd with your 6 new pairs of sunglasses, you then arrive at the grounds which hold the tower. I will admit if the tower was not constantly under construction and surrounded by thousands of people walking around with their hands in the air, then it might actually be something worthwhile seeing. However in summary, its packed full of people and you’re not going to get the perfect photo you always wanted. Therefore, this is a shitty tourist attraction.

However, Italy is awesome and you should totally go there! Don’t believe us then click here.


So everyone knows the story of Troy right? Good! So picture that or maybe even the block buster movie of the same name starring Brad Pitt. Ok, so you have that picture in your head? Great! Because…….the reality is that Troy, in real life is nothing like any of that.

Troy resides in Turkey (yes we know Turkey is kind of Asia as well as Europe), and the actual location of Troy is literally a wooden horse about 2 stories high with a couple of fields of some barely recognisable Roman ruins around it. Trust me when you have seen the rest of Turkey, which is great by the way, getting to Troy is a massive let down. You basically go there and take a photo of a big wooden horse. Our rating- 2 Brad Pitts out of 10.

The Mona Lisa

Number 3 on our list of Europe’s 7 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions and Why They Suck, is none other then the Mona Lisa! Now yes I am sure the painting itself is rather good, but we wouldn’t know as we never got close enough to see it.

As you can see from the picture, the crowds are insane, along with all of the pushing and competition for prime photo taking spots. I think at one point on our visit, a Chinese tourist used my head as a tripod for his camera! It really wasn’t a memorable experience.

However, the Mona Lisa is located in the Louvre Museum in Paris, which really is a great museum with so many interesting things to see. You do have to line up for a while to get inside, but take our advice, once inside, avoid Lisa!


Located a short drive from Bath in England, resides the shitty circle of big rocks called Stonehenge. Now there is nothing more to this place then what I have already said. It’s literally a big circle of rocks! Oh and guess what, nobody knows why they are there!

If you do enjoy looking at rocks then head to Greece, Italy or Turkey! At least those places have rocks attached to ancient Greek and Roman times that have cool and interesting history behind it.

Once again you can expect massive crowds as you slowly play follow the leader walking around the rocks in a circular direction.

The Azure Window

So this one was a little harder to slag off, as I have a very strong family connection to Malta. Now the Azure Window ONCE resided in the sea on the coast of Gozo in Malta. I actually got to visit it a few years back and did really enjoy it! We had our own hire car, the weather was perfect and hardly any other tourists were around.

However, the Azure Window has now crumbled into the sea and is no more.
But that hasn’t stopped Maltese tour guides taking people there to see where it once stood. Most people when visiting don’t realise it no longer exists and just continue on their tours anyway, and once they get there just go, “What The Fuck?” I guess it’s kind of funny really, but imagine going to Paris looking at the ground and someone says to you, the Eiffel Tour USED to be here.

See below for the before and after comparison.

The Astronomical Clock

To be honest we found the entire city of Prague a bit overrated. It is a cool city with a lot to do, but the way people talk it up these days really builds up your expectations. But go and see if for yourself and make up your own mind.

Perhaps the most talked about and also most disappointing attraction in Prague is the astronomical clock. So it’s basically an old interactive clock that puts on a little show every hour. The crowds of people and cameras gathered around the clock every hour do make it really hard to enjoy. This is another place you can expect your head to be used as tripod for other tourists. In our opinion, it is not worth waiting around for the show, just walk past at anytime, have a look and move on.

Although, Prague and the Czech Republic does have some really fun and interesting places, so you should totally go there. See some of our related articles below:

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Venice is by far the most overrated place in all of Europe! We couldn’t just pick one tourist attraction here, so we just picked the entire city! Don’t build up your expectations of romantic gondola rides at sunset followed by an evening of music and great food, because that’s not gonna happen.

The city is greatly overcrowded with tourists, greatly commercialised with western fast food restaurants, dirty and insanely expensive! There is nothing authentic or remotely enjoyable about Venice. But yes we would say you do need to experience this place for yourself and make your own conclusions.

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