8 Fun Things To Do In Cesky Krumlov

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Cesky Krumlov is a small Bohemian fairytale like town in the Czech Republic, and has a lot of fun things to do. Read our guide on the 8 Fun Things To Do In Cesky Krumlov.

Walking Tours

Priority one on your Fun Things To Do In Cesky Krumlov list, is go on a walking tour. The tours all usually start in the main square of the town and can leave at various times of the day, so make sure you check times before you go.

The walking tours are also tip based, so you just pay what you think it’s worth. It’s a great way to explore the city, learn about its history, and you’ll see a lot of the main sights that we’ve listed. Some companies even offer themed walking tours.

Check out the following links for more walking tour information:

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Check Out The Main Square

The main square of Cesky Krumlov is basically tourist central and is by far the busiest part of the city. However, don’t be put off by the other tourists and crowds. This location is actually really interesting and is a good spot to people watch while having a drink or a bite to eat.

The main square is also full of interesting buildings and is a great place to start your sightseeing. To get a true appreciation of the city, we suggest taking part in one of the many walking tours that begin from the main square of town, as previously mentioned. Otherwise, just start walking the streets from here on your own accord. It’s a really easy place to walk around and navigate on your own.

Cesky Krumlov Castle

That’s right! Another European town, another castle. But hey, castles are usually pretty interesting, especially to people like us from Australia who don’t have them. So again we think you should throw it on your list of Fun Things To Do In Cesky Krumlov.

Most of Cesky Krumlov Castle was built in the 17th century, although its roots and foundations date all the way back to 1240. The castle was once home to many aristocrat rulers of Bohemia, and sits on the outskirts of the town

These days the castle has many great perks worth exploring, such as the Royal Apartments, the Renaissance Hall, St. George’s Chapel and the Rosenberg Ballroom. There is also a gallery displaying tapestries and paintings that are hundreds of years old.

The castle is easily reached by foot and is definitely worth the effort. In fact, in our opinion the castle’s beautiful gardens are the highlight. This can be a great place to relax, unwind and just enjoy a great view of the town.

Eggenberg Brewery

In the Czech Republic, beer can be cheaper than water! In fact, many argue that the Czech’s produce the world’s best beer. Beer brewing started here in the 13th century and continues strongly to this day.

Eggenberg Brewery is local to Cesky Krumlov and offers many tastings and tours.
Check out the website for information on tours. Going to this brewery is an awesome way to unwind and give the brain a rest from all of the history and information overload thrust upon you when travelling through Europe.

St. Vitus Church

Catholic churches are as common in Central Europe as Bintang singlet wearing Aussies are on Kuta Beach, Bali. Basically, there are a lot of them and you get sick of them quickly.

In saying all of that this should still be on your list of Fun Things To Do Cesky Krumlov. This Roman Catholic Church is one of the most extravagant and tallest buildings in all of Cesky Krumlov. It is also holds the tombs of famous ruling Bohemian families, the Rosenbergs and the Schwarzenbergs. The church itself was built in the 13th century and was the first place of worship constructed in the town.

River Tubing

If you are sick of walking or just sick of large Asian tour groups ruining your day, then consider river tubing instead to gain a different perspective of Cesky Krumlov. Keep in mind that Asian people are poor swimmers, so doing this will almost guarantee a much more quiet and enjoyable experience as you navigate the town’s encircling river. Better yet, why not enjoy some beers at the same time, we did and we loved it!

There are a couple of tour options such as tubing by yourself or taking part in a floating pub crawl. Check out Outsideprague and Livelifeextreme for further information.

Mount Klet

Mount Klet is the highest point in the Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, so adding a hike up this mountain to your Fun Things To Do In Cesky Krumlov list can be pretty rewarding. It can be reached by walking from the Cesky Krumlov Railway Station. There are many paths for hikers and drivers alike, and once you reach the summit you are rewarded with excellent panoramic views of the city and the whole region.

Museum of Torture

Situated within the Old Town Hall resides the Museum of Torture. As the name suggests, this museum displays very old torture devices and utensils made famous during the medieval era. Go on a short tour and hear the gruesome stories of those who suffered, some of whom were guilty of their crimes and some who were also innocent.