Suggested European Itineraries

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It’s hard to know where to start when you’re heading to Europe. So we’ve put together a list of journey ideas and suggested itineraries for a trip to Europe. They generally move a bit slower than a tour would, so you can take your time and see each place quite well.  They’re all based on different trips that we did in Europe, after a lot of research and talking to other travellers while we were there.

If you really do have no idea where to start, you can also check out these articles we’ve written as a bit of a guide to some of the places to see in Europe

Journey Ideas

Central Europe: Berlin to Munich
If you’re thinking of heading to Berlin, and not sure where else to go before or after, this is a good trip that we did that takes you south through the Czech Republic before finishing up back in Munich.  Read More

The Baltics and Poland
Either start in Tallinn and end in Krakow, or travel in the opposite direction.  A really common way to see the Baltic States and Poland, particularly among backpackers and longer term travellers. Read More

Central Europe: Munich to Budapest
Another trip that we did from Munich, that heads east through Austria and Slovakia to Budapest.  Good if you’re looking for ideas for places to go before or after Oktoberfest.  (more info coming soon)

Germany in depth:
We spent around a month in Germany, so we put together an itinerary for if you want to see the country a little more in depth.  This one starts in Munich and finishes in Dusseldorf, with the option to add in Dresden and Berlin at the start or end.  (more info coming soon)



Watch this space – more Journey Ideas coming soon!