Best Things To Do In Prague

Image of a sunrise in prague

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Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and has a lot of great things to do. Read our guide on the Best Things To Do In Prague.

Walking Tours

The walking tours on offer in Prague are some of the best we have come across, so of course it is a great thing to do. A walking tour is a great way explore the city, learn about its history, and see a lot of the main sights that we’ve listed.

The tours are also tip based, so you just pay what you think it’s worth. But remember to not be a tight arse, a lot of people don’t pay anything which is wrong. It’s good to pay something and support the guides if they do a good job.

There are a variety of different tours on offer – you’re best to do the general free tour first, and then decide if any of the others take your fancy. See the tour websites below for information on a variety of tours:

Good Prague Tours

New Europe Tours

  • Tip: Use your walking tour guide to get helpful inside knowledge such as the best places to eat and drink, or what other less “touristy” and more unique things you can do in the city.

Prague Beer Tour

A “must do” and one of the Best Things To Do In Prague, is to go on a Prague Beer Tour. The beer in the Czech Republic is said to be amongst the best and cheapest on the planet, so doing one of these tours is a no brainer. Learning some historical facts behind beer brewing and being exposed to the local culture while inebriated is definitely a win win for most travellers.

The tours usually take you to a few different bars to try some of the local beer, while you learn about some really interesting things about the history of beer in the region. Generally, the companies that offer the free walking tours will also offer a beer tour in the evening. Check out some useful website below:

Eating Prague Tours

Urban Adventures

  • Tip: We found some of these beer drinking tours to be quite expensive, so we recommend going on a “tip based” general walking tour instead, and having a few beers afterwards with the local guide.  Most of the guides are young people happy to meet new travellers and swap stories and give handy tips.  This way you gain inside knowledge of the city and can have a cheaper and more authentic experience.

Old town Square and Astronomical Clock

This is one of the most impressive old town squares in all of Europe, so make this one of the first places you check out on your visit to Prague. Any of the free walking tours should take you through the old town square. The buildings here are really impressive and you can see why some people do call it a fairy tale city. However, be prepared for the crowds of people, the Old Town square is definitely tourist central.

Probably the most famous attraction in the old town square is the Astronomical clock, on the wall of the old town hall. It has moving parts, and does a show every hour. You can’t miss it, just look for people with bum bags and long camera lenses looking at a wall. To be honest it’s crap. Just another photo for your instagram feed to say “hey look at me, I’m in Prague.” Do yourself a favour, have a look and quickly move on. Don’t wait for the “show” to begin, it’s just not worth it. In saying that, the clock is 600 years old, and we’re sure that it was really impressive back then….

Charles Bridge

A gothic-style stone bridge full of statues that crosses the Vltava River, the Charles Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in all of Europe. It’s definitely a “must see” and is an easy addition to our Best Things To Do In Prague list, so I guess you can’t really miss it.

You will get harassed by locals trying to sell you cheap stuff as you walk across, but it’s not too bad to be honest. The views of the river and city are definitely worth the effort.

Jewish Quarter

Arguably the best Jewish Quarter that you’ll find in Europe. Its official name is Josefov, and it’s just outside the old town towards the river. The buildings are incredibly well preserved, and include a number of synagogues. It’s said that during World War Two, Hitler wanted the area preserved, so that he could create a ‘museum of an extinct race’. Though we’re not sure if there is any truth to this, there is no doubt that the Jewish people who have lived here have undergone incredible suffering throughout their history.


  • Tip: If you’re into history, we’d highly recommend doing a guided tour of the Jewish Quarter. It’s a great way to find out more about the area and the Jewish population here.  Check out the Prague Experience for a great tour.

Prague Castle and Saint Vitus Cathedral

No best things to do list is complete with visiting some form of castle or church. One of the largest ancient castles in the world, the construction of Prague Castle began in 870 AD. The castle is an incredible feat of architecture, and it also houses the Saint Vitus Cathedral, the biggest Cathedral in all of the Czech Republic.

This place is well worth the effort and rewards you with awesome views over Prague. If you want to walk, take the old castle steps (near Malostranska metro station), otherwise jump on the number 22 tram and get off at Pražský hrad.

Lennon Wall

If you’re keen to see a more contemporary side to Prague, be sure to check out Lennon Wall. It’s a graffiti covered wall, full of Beatles inspired messages and political statements. You’ll find it close to the Charles Bridge, on the opposite side of the river to the old town.

Petrin Hill

For a great view of Prague and the Vltava River, head over the river from the old town to Petrin Hill. You can take the tram to Újezd, and from there you can either walk to the top (it’s a little steep!) or take a short ride on the Funicular. Either way, the views from the top are well worth the trip! Anytime of the day is great, but seeing the city lit up during the night is really special.

New World Street

New World street is an interesting little street found close to Prague castle. It’s quite narrow, cobbled, and full of quirky looking houses and buildings. It’s also a little way from the old town, meaning you shouldn’t find quite as many tourists around.

This one is a little more difficult to find. From the entrance to Prague castle, walk down Hradčanské nám (which turns into Loretánské nám) for about 5 minutes, until you come to Czernin Palace. Turn right here, down Loretánské nám. You should have the Czernin palace on your left, and the Loreta Church on your right. Down the hill, veer to the left at the intersection, and continue down, and New World Street is on your right. It’s called Nový Svět in Czech (and on Google maps) if you want to map it out beforehand.

Prague Beer Museum

Finally the last experience on our Best Things To Do In Prague list, is visiting the Prague Beer Museum, that’s if you haven’t had enough beer already. They have a huge amount of Czech beers on tap, and you can buy either samplers, small beers or large beers. You can also do a self guided tour to find out a bit more about the history of beer, and try some of the local beers at the end.

Check out the Prague Beer Museum website for more information.