Travellers of the World: Meet Ben

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Name: Ben
Age: 23
From:  Brisbane, Australia
Occupation:  Mechanic

Ben is keen to broaden his horizons after his three overseas trips to Bali in the last two years.  You’ll no doubt run into Ben on any central European Contiki tour, which he’s taking to ‘see the sights and experience Europe’.  Unfortunately, Ben’s had a couple too many big nights on tour, meaning the main cultural experiences that he’s come across have involved either the inside of a nightclub or the back seat of the Contiki bus.  Despite this, Ben’s pretty stoked with the trip, and Europe in general.

“Yeah mate, it’s awesome here.  Can’t believe anywhere would live up to that week I spent in Kuta last year, but this is pretty close.  We’ve seen loads.  Loved Prague, fuck that place is sick.  Can’t remember too much else, it’s all a bit of a blur to be honest.  But i’ll be back for sure.  The boys at home would love this.”

If you didn’t get the chance to meet Ben on Contiki, you might run into him on one of Budapest’s famous pub crawls.  After Contiki, he made his way to the Hungarian capital, where he’s been based for the last 7 days.  Keen to base himself somewhere to soak in the culture a little more, he’ currently on track to break the company record of 11 consecutive nights on the pub crawl.

“What’s that mate, the castle here?  Yeah, i’ve heard it’s alright.  Haven’t seen it to be honest.  Might check it out tomorrow, if i’m not too dusty.  Fuck these pub crawls are good though.  I’ll see you there tonight yeah?  Get around it mate.  You’re only here once.”

Ben is already planning his return trip to Europe next year.  He plans to spend a week or two in Barcelona, before heading back to Prague and then finally hitting up sail croatia for what he thinks will be a crazy couple of weeks.

“I can’t wait mate.  This could be the new Bali for me.  I heard Croatia is out of control.  Hopefully some of the boys from home will be keen to come along too.”


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